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If effective content is what you want, please check up with the following:Has your content set the appropriate mood?
Has it created the motivation you are seeking?
Has your content mix suffered from any competitive destruction?
Have the aesthetics aided the readability or distracted the focus?
Has the content succeeded in communicating your single message?

Many organisations have been fooled into thinking that all they need is tehnology to create a great website. Yet, researches have shown, far more important to online success is following the editorial standard and controls. And this has necessitated the support of publishing professionals who understand how to create, edit and publishg great content.

How we may come to your benefit
Our large pool of skilled editorial expertise can create consistent, high-quality content while delivering enormous productivity gains.

Well, we at Aceofnet make it a point to present the content in a way that utilizes all ingredients most optimally. So, we create, refine and structure the content in sync with your needs and with a focus on your target audience.

The objective is not just to help you disseminate your message. But at the same time, to ensure that message & its intent is sent home effectively.

The ‘ace’ Content Services
Content Writing for Web/Interactive media
Content Editing/Updating/Enhancing
Copy for Brand Promotion/Advertising
Copy for online Newsletter
Proof-reading & quality checks
Content Writing for Web/Interactive media
What we, at AceofNet, seek is to unify content structure and audience. And accordingly create and mould the relevant content into a coherent knowledge space. We know, attention span is one of the most challenging constraints for any content based communication in any media.

With this knowledge in view, our large pool of skilled editorial expertise helps create consistent, high-quality content while delivering enormous productivity gains.

Content Editing/Updating/Enhancing
Be it a promotional copy or, a creative brief – the approach remains the same – engaging the audience attention in a purposeful interaction with your brand. We collaborate with you to map your existing copy voids – in terms of strength and weakness. And accordingly develop an Ace solutions around each opportunity.

The result, you get an enhanced quality content thoroughly refined, factually reliable, perfectly relevant and devoid of errors.

Copy for Brand Promotion/Advertising
We know, there is no magic formula for a successful Advertising. But a smart copy does really work wonder. We, at AceofNet handle your brand as a distinct entity from your product(service). And position the brand/product accordingly.

We craft the copy to help a brand to actively involve the audience into it. The goal here is to build an affinity and retain it for long.

The result, you get a quality copy based on your strengths to address your weaknesses alone; a copy that truly empowers your brand; and a copy that never deviates from the single minded focus of its message and thus heightens the expectancy of the communication and also highlights your opportunities.

Content for Online Newsletter
Don’t you think textual content is the main ingredient of online newsletter? Well, it is, if you don’t want, the information you send to end up in the recepients’ mail in-box. And, this has perhaps made publishing a successful newsletter the most competitive of all the different areas of mail order and direct marketing.

Promoting your newsletter, finding prospective buyers and converting these prospects take detailed planning, persistence and patience. And of course, the expertise of a publishing professional.

Based on the inputs from market research we first know your product/services profile along with your audience. This helps us determine what it is the target audience wants from your newsletter. With our years of experience in advertising we know how to mould, mask and refine the tone of your sales pitch. And accordingly make the content appealing to the target audience.

Proof-reading & quality checks
When full proofreading is required for a project, we work with a pool of qualified, veteran proof-readers. Each of them is hawk-eyed regarding accuracy and thoroughness, yet at the same time they know how to meet deadlines.

Our proofreaders work with the copyedited style sheet and check for consistency of style as well as conformity to the manuscript and design specifications of the client. When proofreading is complete, the Project Leader reviews the pages to ensure that all appropriate changes and queries are resolved as needed.

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Types of content we cater

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